Tongxiang City built the first SMS-controlled automatic pumping station

On April 17, the successful operation of the duck pumping station in Tongxin Village, Wutong Street, was the birth of the first automatic control station for SMS control in Tongxiang City. The pump station is installed on the basis of conventional construction, and is equipped with a short message power trigger device, connected to the power contact switch, using the short message signal to operate the pump on and off, and adjusting the power output frequency of the frequency converter to press The amount of water supplied to the field needs to be adjusted. The advantage is that the pumping station contractor manager does not need to arrive at the station to carry out the operation of power-on and shutdown, as long as the water demand instruction of the farmers in the jurisdiction is directly controlled in the field. The SMS control device will invest about 2,800 yuan at a time, which is suitable for promotion in the form of administrative villages.

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