The owner of the new home was stolen and the owner of the house was rejected from the property

After the completion of the year, the people of Mr. Qian’s family encountered an anecdote. The new occupation of the house was just beginning to be renovated. I did not expect that during the long holidays, the interior decoration materials were looted, and the doors and windows were still intact. Mr. Qian believes that the property company has not fulfilled its management responsibilities and should compensate its own losses. The management office said that it does not rule out the possibility of the decoration team escaping from burglary. This should be handled by the public security agency.

During the Spring Festival, "Sneak Thieves" entered the room

Last year, Mr. Qian bought a suite in West Wind and his home in Xixiang. In early January of this year, Mr. Qian began to renovate the house after completing the admission process and paying the property management fee for three months. Years ago, the management office sent a notice. In order to facilitate the management during the Spring Festival, all decoration works from February 3 to February 16 must be suspended. Despite completing only a part of the hydropower projects, Mr. Qian followed the arrangement of the management office and left the workers on the day of February 3, leaving 6 coils (worth more than 2,000 yuan) and a tool box in the house.

"On the day of the start of construction on February 16, workers entered the house and found out that they were not right," said Mr. Qian. At that time, the toolbox was all open, and relatively valuable hammers were missing. In another look, the six coils are gone. What is more depressing to Mr. Qian is that the wires that have been discharged into the wall have been basically pumped away, and the wires that are not moving have been cut off. The loss of the electric wire adds up to nearly 6,000 yuan. Even more troublesome is that the project must be reworked, re-drilled, and the workload is very large. Mr. Qian immediately called the staff of the management office. Everyone observed that the locks on the doors and windows were still intact.

Who will cause compensation for controversy

How did the thief get into the house? Mr. Qian speculated that the thief is likely to climb into the house from the balcony. Since Mr. Qian’s home is on the fifth floor and the third floor is an overhead layer, it is not difficult for thief to climb into the house. "If you want to take out the electric hammers, you probably have to use two sacks. After they have packed the bags, they will return to their original paths." Mr. Qian believes that it takes more than two hours to pull out the wires, but In this case, the management office found no abnormal situation. This shows that the management office has not done its job and should be liable for compensation.

Director Xu of the Management Office told the reporter that because the windows and doors had not been opened, it was not clear how these items were lost. Judging from past management experience, it does not rule out the possibility that the decoration team will guard against theft. For the owner's encounter, the property company expressed sympathy. After the occurrence of the situation, the management office immediately called out surveillance video data, which did not find any suspicious circumstances. In this case, the management office immediately reported the police, and the property company is also willing to cooperate with the police at any time.

Li Dongliang, a lawyer of Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm, stated that if the amount of damage is more than RMB 5,000, it can generally be put on record as a criminal case. Once the thief is arrested, it is necessary to compensate the violator. In a closed management community, if the owner and the property company have signed a decoration management agreement and the owner also pays for the decoration management fee, then the property company should manage the garbage disposal and material in and out. If the decoration materials are lost, the property company should bear certain liability for compensation. In the non-enclosed managed communities, if the stolen items are more conspicuous, and the property company cannot prove that they have performed a normal inventory of foreign personnel and vehicles, then they must also bear some liability for compensation.
Release Date: 2008/3/3 9:29:17

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