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Recently, Shanghai ZF Steering Machine Co., Ltd. held a mid-level cadre meeting to convey the spirit of the SAIC Cadre Assembly. Based on the theme of “three attacks”, the work objectives of 2008 were put forward: First, the research and development of electric steering gear should be accelerated to achieve the future. The technical upgrade from the traditional hydraulic steering machine to the electric steering machine; the second is to integrate resources, actively communicate with the foreign counterparts, cooperate with the group to do related integration projects, use the opportunity to go out; the third is to break the capacity bottleneck, expand the market The occupancy rate, to meet the market demand, first achieved a good start in the first quarter, and strived to develop from a current annual output of 1 million steering gears to an annual output of 2 million steering gears in a short period of time.

In order to achieve the above goals, the company regards strengthening performance management as the focus of this year. Through the decomposition of work objectives and performance appraisal of various departments, the company has promoted the smooth completion of various indicators. At the same time, we attach great importance to personnel training and personnel training. This year we will continue to strengthen employee training, increase the introduction and training of talents, and retain talents through innovative mechanisms and a harmonious corporate atmosphere to prepare talents for future development. . The company also requires all departments to actively carry out ideological mobilization, strengthen collaboration, speed up development, and further mobilize enthusiasm to complete the company's goals.

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