Lifan's latest independent innovation hybrid vehicle high-profile debut

Chongqing Lifan exhibited the latest independent innovation hybrid car at the 2007 Shanghai International Auto Show. Appearance, this hybrid car is no different from other Lifan new 520 models. This car has a distinctive hybrid electric and electric system.

According to reports, the system has zero-idle, accelerated electric boost, continuous (climbing) torque controllable electric boost, heating/cooling/deceleration multiple energy feedback, and supercapacitor energy increase/feedback. Hybrid electric vehicle running function, can achieve pure electric start, operation and engine cylinder stop function. Compared with the same displacement fuel car, this hybrid car can greatly reduce fuel consumption, and the emission standard can reach above Euro IV.

When talking about the industrial development prospects of this product, Hu Wei, general manager of Lifan Motors Sales Co., said: This hybrid system marks the latest technological innovations of Lifan Motors, which not only has strong market competitiveness, but also has The industrialization advantage of rapid mass production. Lifan Motors plans to become the basic configuration in its product line within two years. In addition to this hybrid car, Lifan Motors also launched a series of 1.6L gasoline engines and CVT gearboxes independently developed by the company to represent Lifan's independent research and development strength.

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