Guangxi 5 years focus on promoting ground-source heat pump and other energy-saving technologies

Reporters learned from Guangxi Construction Work Conference held here on, around energy conservation and emission reduction, Guangxi introduced a number of local standards, building work system, promote building energy efficiency technologies, to 2007 in 2003, Guangxi realized a total 814,000 tons of building energy efficiency standards coal.

Since 2003, focusing on energy conservation and emission reduction, Guangxi has promulgated five local standards such as "Design Standards for Energy Conservation in Public Buildings in Guangxi" and has actively constructed six major work systems of building energy efficiency policies, technical standards and work targets, focusing on promoting ground source heat pumps , New three steel, lighting and other energy-saving lighting 10 building energy-saving technologies to promote the use of shallow ground energy technology and other renewable energy technologies in the construction of applications. Song Jidong, director of the Construction Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, introduced energy-saving retrofit of existing street lighting facilities in over 20 counties through energy-saving construction projects in science and technology , with a saving rate of over 20% and started construction of office buildings of state organs in Guangxi Construction of a large public building energy efficiency supervision system.

This reporter learned that in 2007, Guangxi, by strengthening the supervision and management of new buildings to enforce the mandatory standards for energy conservation, so that the enforcement rate of energy-saving compulsory standards in the new building design stage was 97%; the cumulative output of new wall materials 10.2 billion standard bricks accounted for 39% of the total wall materials, land 9200 acres, saving 590,000 tons of coal, reducing the two oxide of sulfur emissions from 15,000 tons, 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions reduction by more than 1.2 million tons of industrial waste.

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