Pressure relief principle of turbocharged engine pressure relief valve

When a modified car flies past us, we often hear a "buzzing ..." engine acceleration sound and a "bhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Full of feeling. Is the sound coming from there? Why ordinary civilian vehicles, or some high-performance sports car are not such a sound (and some ordinary modified car there)? In fact, this unique "bared ......" sound is turbocharged engine relief valve when the sound pressure relief, it can be said that all the turbocharged engine will produce this sound, but for everyday civilian vehicles In the words, manufacturers will be the design of this sound as noise to deal with it as much as possible to reduce it. The idea is to vent pressure into the intake manifold so there is very little noise - this type of relief is called internal venting. For general civil vehicles equipped with turbocharged engines, do not listen to the general can not be aware of relief pressure when the "bared bared" sound. This is like a normal civilian car, engine noise and rumble exhaust sound is a negative parameter (and sometimes high-performance car can emphasize the sound), the original design as much as possible to eliminate this sound. For those who love driving pleasure, this sound becomes the catalyst to stimulate their driving passion (we often see a lot of car exhaust pipe was changed like a barrel, the sound is also rumbling the earthquake.) In addition to inspire driving passion, "Hyun" is also one of the demands of conversion, many people want to change their car like a super-performance car, even if the car is not particularly strong power. In general, the size of a turbocharged engine that emits a "bared, bared" sound is related to boost pressure - large turbochargers make such sounds easier. Therefore, if this sound is relatively large, it can be seen that this car has a larger supercharger, giving people a very cool feeling. Many modified enthusiasts also out of this purpose, the civilian car engine (such as Polaris 1.8T, Passat 1.8T) internal vent relief into a leak-style, and further increase the "bared" sound, the truth and artillery Cartridge exhaust is very similar. So, why turbocharged engine will make such a sound? When we depress the accelerator pedal acceleration, the throttle opens, the engine will be issued with the speed increase "grace ... ..." voice, the engine exhaust high temperature and pressure of exhaust energy to promote exhaust gas turbine rotation, when the turbocharger to work (That is, when the turbine rotates at more than 100,000 revolutions per minute), the turbocharger will only compress the air around to increase the air intake of the engine and improve the power of the engine. When we close the throttle, the throttle opening decreases rapidly until it is idle, meaning the engine does not require air intake or the air flow in the intake pipe is blocked at the throttle. But at this moment the turbocharger did not stop working! Due to inertia, the turbocharger continues to rotate at speeds above 100,000 rpm. Now imagine the air still continue to be compressed into the intake pipe at this time, if this part of the intake pipe in the high-pressure air can not be discharged in time, it will cause rapid pressure increase in the intake pipe, may cause section Valve damage or air intake burst. In this case, it is necessary to install a pressure relief device in the intake pipe to remove the excess high pressure air in the pipeline from the intake turbine. In fact the relief valve is installed in the intake manifold on a valve to control the boost pressure. Pressure relief valve opening and closing by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) control of the solenoid coil. The ECU will make a judgment based on the pressure at the turbocharger outlet. Once the pressure exceeds the threshold, the solenoid will be energized or de-energized to open or close the pressure relief valve. When the relief valve is closed to ensure sufficient intake air intake pipe pressure is based on the valve open to the excess gas can be released to the atmosphere to reduce the pressure in the intake port to protect the engine intake pipe. So we hear the "bared, bared" sound on the modified car is the sound of the pressure relief valve when the pressure relief vent. In fact, the "bared, bared" sound emitted by the modified car has no meaning for improving the performance of the engine, but can render a false impression that the supercharged value is very large. Relatively speaking, the greater the boost pressure of the engine, the pressure relief valve discharge pressure of the more the air, the theoretical noise will be greater. The modified car when the pressure relief valve relief valve to amplify the sound, like a large barrel exhaust pipe - the same thing cool, but no practical results.

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