Heat pump unit to stop creeping meters

Energy conservation is always one of the important research topics in the field of air conditioning. Heat pump technology can improve energy efficiency, is a model of rational use of energy. Because of the energy-saving benefits of heat pumps, heat pumps were widely used and developed in the field of air conditioners after the 1970s. The literature refers to this period as the first boom in heat pump development. And predicted that as global warming has become the focus of world attention, people are asking to reduce the greenhouse effect. In other words, the energy efficiency of air conditioning is again the most important, not because of economic problems, but for environmental reasons. June 10, 2007 to June 16 is the seventeenth national energy-saving publicity week, around the country around the "save energy, start from me" on this theme, to carry out a series of colorful energy-saving promotional activities. Take the "energy-saving emission reduction," the easiest to heat pump technology as the core heat pump units into more people's attention.
Air-cooled heat pump unit

product manual:

1, the product adopts world-class Germany BITZER or Italy REFCOMP screw type (piston type) compressor, other auxiliary components are used in the United States, Japan's advanced refrigeration components to ensure product reliability;

2, the unit for each user design custom microcomputer control program, combined with large-screen Chinese display color LCD touch screen, good man-machine interface, easy operation and maintenance;

3, the air-cooled condenser with efficient internal thread brass, fins for the hydrophilic film sinusoidal corrugated film, cooling water fan with special motor coupled with low-noise axial fan, evaporator with efficient internal thread heat transfer tube, shell and tube The heat exchanger makes the machine compact in structure, small in size and high in efficiency, and has low noise and little vibration during the operation of the unit.

4, using multi-head assembly, each host has an independent cooling (heating) circuit, the use of safe and reliable. In addition, the unit is equipped with high pressure condenser protection, low pressure evaporator protection, refrigerant water (hot water) water protection, overload, compressor open and stop time interval protection, cold water temperature protection, compressor overcurrent protection, power supply overvoltage, undervoltage Protection, and automatic / manual switching function, the unit in the most stable and safe state of work.

Comments: reliability, easy operation and maintenance, small size, high efficiency, the use of safe, stable and efficient defrosting, the entire unit still keep heating. Computer-controlled unit defrosting, using the best combination of time and temperature, the unit has a fast and efficient defrosting function.

Modular ground source heat pump DYR-300 type

product manual:

Cooling capacity: 316.2KW; unit weight: 2000Kg; modular combination of flexible application: stand-alone module heating (cold) capacity from 500 ~ 3000? 5 models, through the module combination up to 50000 ?. Compared with ordinary chillers, the module unit can still operate with high efficiency under low load, saving the daily operation cost and greatly reducing the starting inrush current. Applications Central Asia Arca ground source heat pump central air conditioning applies to both existing cooling needs and heating or heating water demand for all buildings, such as office buildings, residential buildings and hotels, hotels, shopping malls, etc., can also be used for recycling Waste heat at low temperature, a waste of more than one machine, refrigeration, heating, hot water Trinity Central Asia · Arca ground source heat pump central air conditioning system can replace the original boiler plus air conditioning two sets of devices or systems.

Comments: Make full use of underground energy, with an electricity can create more than 4 cold and heat, the heat comes directly from underground heat, running no emissions to the environment of any harmful gases. Low operating costs: operating costs only about 1/2 of the ordinary air-conditioning. A multi-purpose machine, refrigeration, heating, hot water Trinity, a system that can replace the original boiler plus air conditioning two sets of devices or systems.

Air - cooled screw heat pump unit (single type) KR / CA

product manual:

Fluorine imported from France efficient motor, high efficiency and high reliability. The third generation of the latest 5-6 asymmetrical tooth shape. Four-segment capacity-modulated continuous lack of capacity control system. Germany FAG and Sweden SKF high-precision bearings, Swole effect oil separator. Germany "Siemens" PLG touch control the market, all man-machine interface Chinese display.

Comments: The components for the world product, excellent reliability.

Mitsubishi Diesel Generators :

·Engine and alternator shall be mounted on a same frame steel skid.

·Built-in damper for anti-vibration.
·Small size, low weight, easy to operating, installation and maintenance.
·World most famous brand diesel engine: Mitsubishi Engine
·World famous brand AC alternator: Stamford, MeccAlte, Leroy Somer, etc
·Advanced and reliable controller: Auto Start AMF & Remote control by PC with RS232/485
·Full range protect function and alarm shutdown feature.

·Comply with ISO8528 national standard and ISO9001 quality standard.

Mitsubishi Diesel Generator

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