2007 Middle East Manufacturing Expo wants to bring Chinese companies into the oil world

The 2007 Middle East Manufacturing Expo (MEMEX2007) will be held in the UAE-Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center from December 9th to December 12th. This exhibition will be a great opportunity for Chinese companies to develop this rich oil kingdom in the Middle East Gulf region.

As one of the few comprehensive trade events in the manufacturing industry in the region, the 2007 Middle East Manufacturing Show focused on metal processing machinery and equipment, wood processing machinery and equipment, rubber and plastic products machinery and equipment, tools and dies, and industrial automation. Controls, robotics and lasers, computer-aided design and manufacturing, instrumentation control, and welding equipment, and other industrial and manufacturing exhibitors in various fields, can be called a manufacturing industry gathering. Both the exhibition time and the selection of the exhibition venue fully reflect the excellent vision of the exhibition organizer's careful planning and adapting to the market demand.

In the Gulf region, after the weather turned gradually cooler in October-November, foreign trade procurement and sales gradually reached the peak season, which reached its peak with RAMADAN (Muslim Ramadan), which is the annual Gregorian calendar in December. During the Muslim festivals around the world, about 4 to 5 million Muslims around the world are concentrated in this region each year, and the demand for the market is increasing rapidly. In December in Mainland China, the exhibition boom in China and Europe and the United States has passed. Enterprises will have sufficient time and energy to prepare for the exhibition in the Middle East, rather than being in a hurry as in the peak season in May and October. The exhibiting effect is not good.

Over the past few years, relying on huge reserves of oil and natural gas resources, numerous countries in the Middle East and the Gulf have accumulated huge amounts of wealth. At the same time, in order to reduce the excessive dependence of the national economy on energy, the region has strategically shifted to industrial development and the development and investment in industrial parks. The data is the strongest proof that the UAE’s employment growth rate in the manufacturing industry was as high as 15.5% in 2005; in 2005, the United Arab Emirates’ investment in the manufacture of machinery, equipment and tools was as high as US$ 3 billion; The region is expected to have a demand gap of nearly 1 billion tons of steel; it is expected that the annual growth rate of demand for manufacturing machinery and tools in the Gulf region will be 22%.

The fertile land of the Middle East is just another broad market after Europe and the United States, waiting for Chinese companies to open up. Many Chinese brand manufacturers have invested directly in the Middle East market. Haier, as the first Chinese appliance brand, is one of the first Chinese brands to enter the Middle East market. The automotive industry has also accelerated the pace of the Middle East market. In April this year, China National Machinery Industry Association led domestic automobile backbone enterprises including China National FAW Group, Dongfeng Automobile, Beiqi Futian and other nine national brands, went to Syria to negotiate business and touring, and marched in full force. Middle East market. Other companies such as cement companies, sewing equipment companies, and refrigeration companies have gradually accelerated their access to the Middle East market.

Abu Dhabi is planning a series of industrial cities that will provide numerous incentives such as 100% foreign investment and tax exemptions. One hundred percent foreign investment refers to the form of investment that allows foreign-owned sole proprietorship. The first industrial city of Abu Dhabi, ICAD1, has economic parks such as basic metals, construction products, electronics, plastic products, and the automotive industry, and has attracted investments of up to 2.99 billion U.S. dollars. The Abu Dhabi Second Industrial City (ICAD2) has also attracted around 1.63 billion U.S. dollars in investment through new projects such as air-conditioning water cooling devices, construction equipment, and aluminum door and window manufacturing. It is expected that the future demand for manufacturing machinery and tools in the Gulf region will increase by approximately 22% annually. The manufacturing industry has become the second largest industry in the United Arab Emirates, accounting for 19.2% of the total economy. For the visionary Chinese machinery manufacturing companies, the Middle East manufacturing exhibition is like a powerful stepping stone that can help them quickly enter the emerging markets of the Middle East, enter the fertile oil world, and then radiate the impact of Asia and Africa.

The organizer also spared no effort on the invitation of the target audience: through various associations with professional associations in various regions, strong media advertising, news dissemination, visits to merchants, letter delivery, website interaction and other means, all-around attack to ensure exhibitors exhibitors effect. By then, metal and parts manufacturing companies, rubber and plastic product manufacturers, wood products and furniture manufacturers, oil and gas companies, auto and auto parts manufacturers, building materials manufacturers and construction companies, electronics industry manufacturers, shipbuilding and Aerospace companies, tool and mold makers, machinery and equipment manufacturers, packaging and printing companies and other professional buyers and buyers will focus on the richest and freest trade areas in the Gulf region, and through the region, radiation A broader connected market - the Middle East, Central Asia and even Africa. The Middle East Manufacturing Expo (MEMEX2007) is a great market opportunity.

One is the region with the most abundant oil and gas resources in the world and trillions of dollars in petroleum investment; one is the world’s largest developing country with the fastest economic growth and the “world factory”, and the cooperation between China and the Gulf region will become the future economic development of both. The inevitable strategic choice. The Middle East Manufacturing Expo MEMEX 2007 is working with Chinese manufacturing companies to enter this fertile petroleum hot spot and jointly explore more development opportunities.

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