KraussMaffei Expands Investment in Asian Polyurethane Machinery Market

KraussMaffei, a specialist manufacturer of polyurethane equipment, announced that the company is strengthening its market presence in the fast-growing Asian market. Specific measures include expanding its branches in Okazaki, Honshu, Japan, and Shanghai, China. The company said: "In order to meet the growing demand in the Asian market, more support for processing and assembly and production and molding design is required."
Holding the belief in becoming the leader in the polyurethane equipment industry in China's mobile industry, KraussMaffei's China Shanghai Machinery Manufacturing Corporation was established in 2001. Now, the company is preparing to increase its focus in the polyurethane insulation market in China. And expand your efforts. KraussMaffei has recently expanded the construction area of ​​its Shanghai center to provide more space for customers' product trials and more support for production and mold design.
Its company in Okazaki, Japan, has grown rapidly since the company was founded in 2006. It is now expanding its manufacturing and experimental centers to better serve its growing customer base including customization. In-house professional services.
KraussMaffei Company stated that these expansion measures not only can strengthen its influence in Japan and China market, but also have a certain incentive effect on the export of its German products. In this sense, the capital injection expansion in the Asian market is in a sense. It is also a support for the German market.