Xiangtan road suddenly collapsed into a pit

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On December 18th, the collapse of a pavement in the Great Wall Township, Yuhu District, Xiangtan City caused a van to fall into the pit, causing no casualties. However, there were four street-facing paving walls damaged, and three households had to travel to climb the roof from the neighbors. After the family passed, "Don't dare to sleep at night!" On the 19th, after the road section collapsed, it was too narrow, causing inconvenience to passing vehicles and citizens.
Resident trucks collapse roads
"If I talk a few more minutes, my neighbors will surely fall into the pit with the car!" On the morning of December 19, Ms. Liu, who was living next to the collapse, still had a hard time.
Ms. Liu said that at about 10:00 am on the 18th, she had just finished talking with her neighbors and went into the house to change her shoes. The shoes had not been changed. I only heard a few loud noises from outside the door. When I came out to see it, I saw the next door. All the cement slopes in front of the four shops collapsed and the vans parked on them fell. A few minutes ago, the neighbor was standing up and chatting with her. "I'm scared to think about it."
The road where the collapse occurred is the Erzhigou embankment of the left main canal in Changcheng Township, which is a small road towards the Xiangjiang River near the building materials market of Xiangheng Road. On the morning of the 19th, the reporter came to the scene and saw that the collapsed area had been surrounded by simple wires. The pit was about 5.6 meters deep, about 20 meters long, and about 56 meters wide. It was mainly the slope of the embankment to the ditch. Collapse caused. The van in the pit has been lifted and the damaged water pipe has been sealed.
Ms. Liu told reporters that the reason for the collapse may be: the foundation of the road section was built on top of the construction waste, and the heavy trucks carrying heavy loads in the past caused the dike to collapse directly.
It is understood that in recent days, trucks loaded with muck often pass through the road on the side of the gully, making the terrain on the side of the ditch significantly lower than on the other side. “A large number of trucks lined up for the night on Monday night.” Ms. Liu recalled that it wasn’t right at the time, because every time there was a truck passing by, the home would be clearly shaken and sometimes awakened during sleep. The reporter learned that the immediate damage is the four storefronts next to Ms. Liu. It was inconvenient for the three occupants to travel. They had to climb to the top of the building and pass by the neighbors.
Xia Shaoxiang is one of the affected households. The reporter followed him on the roof of the building and entered his residence. The shop on the first floor saw that the glass on the side of the pit had been shattered and the wall crack was bigger than the fist. Xia Shaoxiang told reporters that when he collapsed, he was not at home and was at work. When he returned home, he saw such a large crack and he did not dare to sleep at home again. From the evening of the 18th, he had to temporarily stay in the factory dormitory. At present, cracks on the first floor continue to extend into the back room. To reduce losses, Xia Shaoxiang moved the drinking fountains and sofas on the second floor of the room where his sister lived to avoid diverting their belongings when the walls of the pit were collapsed. At present, no cracks have been found on the second floor to the fourth floor.
The department first leaked from the water pipe and eroded the ground
The ditch embankment was originally a small road. After the collapse, only one side can pass. Too narrow a road brings inconvenience to passing vehicles and citizens. On the morning of the same day, reporters saw on the scene that there were many vehicles passing through the road section, which resulted in small traffic jams. Some students and nearby residents had to carefully walk bicycles; a passing tricycle collided with a passing old man, causing the elderly to crash. The little finger was bleeding.
It is understood that after the collapse, the relevant departments of the Great Wall Township Government and other relevant departments have sent personnel to conduct investigations and take measures to prevent secondary disasters from occurring. According to Liu Xin, deputy director of the Comprehensive Management and Maintenance Office of the Changcheng Township Government, the place where the collapse occurred is not a hidden point of geological disasters. The preliminary analysis of the collapse was caused by leakage of water pipes, erosion of foundation soil, and cement slabs on the ditch. There was a van parked on it, and a large truck ran over the side of the ditch, which eventually led to the ditch collapse. At present, the township government has reported to the highway and other departments to repair as soon as possible.
Ms. Liu believes that the collapsed part should be repaired as soon as possible, and at the same time, it should also conduct a complete survey and repair of the part before and after the collapse. Because the soil exposed by the collapse is loose, the signs of depression on the road surface also show that other road sections may collapse. Xia Shaoxiang, the directly affected household, said that at present, he and the other two households do not dare to live in the house, and he hopes that the relevant departments can handle it.
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