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Introduction of Dongfeng Oil Tanker Vehicles that transport oily materials are generally made of sheet metal and can also be made of FRP and plastic materials. Requires sufficient strength, the interior of the tank body is provided with anti-shock plate, the tank body accessories are provided with manholes, liquid outlet valves, etc. Some tank bodies also require insulation, flow meters and the like.
The oil tanker is divided into a tanker and a refueler according to their functions. The difference is that the refueller is equipped with a refueler that can be used for refueling purposes.
Tankers are also known as fuel tankers, tankers, and tankers. The tanker belongs to the tank car series of special vehicles and is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar, etc.).
Transport medium: crude oil, refined oil, edible oil, water, alcohol, etc.
Tank material: carbon steel, stainless steel, lined rubber, roller tank, aluminum can
Can type: square round, oval, round
Oil pumps: self-priming pumps, gear pumps, chemical pumps, stainless steel pumps
Function: It can separate positions, and can be divided into different oil products, chemicals and foods. Designed to achieve pumping, pump out of the table, the pump into the pump out of the table, self-flow over the table, but the function of the table. Optional various types of insulation heating device.
Maintenance knowledge
Some people think that the maintenance of oil trucks is to change engine oil. This is one-sided and wrong. The maintenance of oil tankers is a broad concept, including the replacement of fluids and filters of various engine systems, and the cleanliness (oil, gear oil, brake oil, self-variable oil, assist oil, glass water, battery water, machine filter, steam Filter, air filter, air conditioning filter, etc.) Replacement and maintenance of consumables of oil tankers such as belts, spark plugs, batteries, brake pads, ball heads, clutch plates, shock absorbers, etc., tanker beauty (car wash, exterior paint Facial care, indoor trim care, etc.). Normal oil tanker maintenance can maintain the performance of the vehicle and extend its service life. The introduction of the maintenance of consumables of oil tankers this time is how to inspect, replace and maintain. At the same time, the phenomenon of wearable parts found in the maintenance and these phenomena indicate what the problem is.
Dongfeng Oil Truck Operation Guide:
1. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the oil tanker, the oil tank and the oil delivery system should be cleaned periodically. The internal and external joints at both ends of the oil hose should be coated with lubricating oil. It is easy and convenient to disassemble the oil tanker. After each time the tubing is completed, clean it in time to ensure that it is clean inside!
2. The use and maintenance of the oil pump of the oil tanker is executed strictly according to its use and maintenance instructions!
3, before refueling operations, must use the plug to insert moisture into the wet land, the ground cover of the tanker should be grounded, the operation process should always maintain good static conduction!
4. The safety valves and filter nets of oil tankers should be checked and cleaned frequently!
5, tanks and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. The oil tanker regularly inspects the joints of the pipeline system for good connection and reliable sealing.

Oil Truck Overview Oil tanker design can achieve pumping, pumping out of the table, the pump into the pump but the table, self-flow over the table, but the table and other functions. Optional fuel pump, flow meter (back to zero), single counting, double counting, tax-controlled fuel dispensers, refueling reels can be separated from the warehouse, can be divided into different oil products, chemicals, food. Designed to achieve pumping, pumping out of the table, the pump into the pump but the table, self-flow over the table, but the table and other functions. It is mainly used for the transport of various oil and chemical liquids in the petrochemical industry. It has the functions of oil absorption, pump oil, multiple oil loading, and distribution. Separate positions can be divided into different oil products, chemicals, foods.

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