The international shuffling era of the agricultural machinery industry is once again open

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] With the end of the annual summary of major companies and the implementation of the annual plan, it is officially announced that the battle in 2017 will start. For the farmer, the Spring Festival just passed is a hard-won break. Most people feel that one year is more tired than one year, and one year is more bleak than one year. Is it just China? Obviously not.

The international shuffling era of the agricultural machinery industry is once again open
In mid-November 2016, the author went to a country with more developed agricultural machinery in Europe. At the same time, at the EIMA Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Bologna, Italy, I carefully looked at the development of products and enterprises. A very bold idea came to life. The agricultural machinery industry should be an international reshuffle.
About 20 years ago, with the pace of the acquisition of Aike Group in the United States, the world's third largest agricultural machinery group was built, and the world pattern of the agricultural machinery industry was basically stable. However, this kind of stability has become unbalanced in the past two years with the overproduction of food production and the urgent need for economic development.
Some companies want to maintain their advantage, some companies want to break through the shackles; some companies want to re-clear the border, and some companies want to redefine the future of agricultural machinery technology.
So, the original default buffer, some companies began to try to challenge. For example, in terms of product layout, although the technical principles used are different, the final functions are almost the same. This is also the big touch to the author at the 2016 EIMA exhibition.
At the EIMA exhibition, I believe everyone has seen it. Many of the products are powered by 耙, followed by hydraulic telescopic mowers, and again telescopic forklifts. Of course, there are also balers, green picking trailers, organic fertilizer spreader trucks, etc. Although the technology and details vary and differ, the application range is almost the same.
The reason is very simple. The products that can generate profits begin to focus on a few of them. Whether it is a big business or a small business, they are trying to find ways to profit. At this time, you can not care for the face of a hundred years of business.
The limited competition market leads to two outcomes. One is to find a big business as a backing, or a big company to take the initiative to further expand the territory; the other is to find new profit margins, such as establishing new channels and bases overseas.
Looking back, I will see if the author "global shuffle" is true?
Several cases. In 2016, John Deere, Case New Holland, AGCO Group, Kubota, and Klass, the world's largest agricultural machinery giants, all acquired equity, mergers, or technical cooperation to expand their territories. From another perspective, many small and medium-sized enterprises have found a backing.
Look at more SME moves. Qingdao, Shandong, China, has a long history of “local origin” and Germany. Germany’s Reken has just established a new base there two years ago. The world’s well-known green-feeding machinery manufacturer, Koroni, is also preparing to be in Qingdao. Building a factory.
In addition, Germany's neighbor Austria, the professional manufacturer of lawn mowers, Botian has also "stayed" in Qingdao.
Another important port in China, Tianjin, has successively established production bases such as American WITTMANN, French Kuhn, and German Gramma. The more developed business districts in southern China, such as Zhejiang, also have production bases for parts and components such as Comaire of Italy.
All of the above are happening in recent years.
Chinese domestic enterprises, our agricultural machinery people should have a deeper understanding. It is conservatively estimated that there should be no fewer than 500 agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises that were shut down or closed down in 2016. At the dealer level, there are countless "closed doors". A little bit of an advantage to start a group to warm up or find a backing, large companies to expand into new areas in order to increase safety. It is not difficult to understand how many companies in the dryer are on the market.
In summary, the era of international reshuffle in the agricultural machinery industry is once again open, it should not be the author's simple imagination.

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