The success of Sino-Asian chefs in the Xinjiang Open House called for seriousness

The success of the Central Asian chefs in the Xinjiang Restaurant is a serious diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-04-13

On the 13th of April in Urumqi, on the morning of 8:30 in Beijing, the border hotel of Urumqi, the foreign trade market of Xinjiang, had not yet opened, and a Russian restaurant separated from the market opened for business. The owner of this Russian restaurant is from Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, and is called Abdul Hussein. He cooks at 9 o'clock on time, until 11 o’clock, and offers an authentic Russian Baku breakfast to the guests. After that, he took a short rest, and this habit he had been holding for 12 years.
Most of the guests who come here to dine here are Central Asian businessmen. They purchase domestic items such as towels, clothing, shoes and hats, and electrical appliances from the frontier hotels. During this period, they often stay in Urumqi for several days. This restaurant is named after Abdul-Duo. It also became a place for them to communicate, talk about business or leisure.
There are three floors up and down the Abdul Restaurant. The decoration is a Turkish style with gold as the main color, so as to make the Central Asian guests here feel at home. No matter how busy the business is, the shop will be renovated every year. To keep the restaurant brand new, you can also take the opportunity to clean up the store, keeping the store clean and tidy.
Every day except for two hours of cooking in the morning, Albufeira basically patrols in the store and chats with regular customers to understand its assessment of food, dining environment and service quality.
In order to ensure food freshness and cost savings, local ingredients such as lamb and vegetables are used in Xinjiang, and they are similar in taste to Azerbaijan. Seasonings are sourced from Azerbaijan and they can be stored for long periods of time.
“This restaurant is not only a place to earn money, but also a part of my enjoyment of life.” Mr. Abdul said that restaurant operations seem simple and in fact full of mystery. If there is a bad grasp, it will affect the business, only careful Doing every step in order to ensure that the restaurant is getting more and more prosperous, "It's like my child, a little bit of development to the present, I have to take care of."
The Abdul Restaurant currently employs 40 people. The attendants are mostly Uighur girls who speak Russian and Chinese in addition to their native language. At 15 o'clock, the dining guests entered the restaurant one after another. The waiter, Manhalpa, said that the luncheon peaks at noon usually range from 14:00 to 17:00. The reporter saw guests choose more mutton soup, cakes, fried fish, ghee chicken and so on.
Chefs Aili and Manhalpa entered the store in the same year and have been working for nine years. He said that Baku cuisine is mainly fried, parsley, potatoes, eggs, chicken, lamb, etc. are the main ingredients, and the practice of mutton soup is different from Xinjiang. Some barbecues reflect authentic flavors, and spices are rarely served. Butter chicken, grilled sweet fish, salmon, etc. are its specialties.
Abdul said that he had spent 26 years as a chef in Baku and would very much like to have his own restaurant. In 2000 Xinjiang friend Aniwala started business in Urumqi, and the two partners. The business site is the Anirwar home, he is responsible for handling documents, foreign contacts, Ah do not have a craft and management. After 12 years of work, his son became a young man and came to the shop to help him. The dining guests, in addition to the Central Asian businessmen, were gradually welcomed by Chinese guests.
Abu Duo told reporters that Urumqi is very enthusiastic. Urumqi provides more and more favorable conditions for foreign businesses to operate and purchase, and cities are becoming more and more dynamic. The next part is going to engage in chain stores.
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