Domestic urea market continues to rise

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The domestic urea market continued to show an uptrend, and the mainstream quoted price in Shandong region was almost equal to 2,300 yuan/ton mark, but the situation of the market taking goods did not weaken significantly. After the Ching Ming period, the expected price drop will only rebound after a short period of several days. The reasons are as follows. The first is the continuous rise of international market. The purchase of the middle peasants in the early period slightly stimulated the market, while the current port inventory is low, for the current With the expected reference to the withdrawal of international prices from factory prices, market confidence has been boosted and the depressed atmosphere has gradually improved. Although it is only expected support, the effect it brings is undeniable. Secondly, the demand for agriculture in the north has not yet come to an end. Markets in some parts of the southern part of the country are starting to show signs of improvement, and the production of high-nitrogen fertilizers by downstream compound fertilizer manufacturers is in progress. The boom in demand for raw materials has further boosted the market. The other is the start of the domestic urea plant, Suihua, Jianfeng, Sinopec Hubei and other plants overhaul, reducing the overall operating rate, but also caused some shortage of goods in some areas. On the whole, most manufacturers have accumulated a large number of pending orders and industrial demand is still relatively strong. Wu Yuanli, a nitrogen fertilizer analyst at Longzhong Chemical Fertilizer, anticipates that the domestic urea market may still have an upward trend. However, as the price rises, agricultural transactions will likely increase. Slow down.

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