Quality and after-sales problems drag down the wooden door industry

Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau conducted a supervision and spot check on wooden door products. The results showed that 48 batches of unqualified products were not qualified for the batches, and the unqualified rate was 8. According to industry insiders, in recent years, with the decrease in demand in the real estate market, the sustained growth rate of the wooden door industry has slowed down markedly, and the consumption of wooden door products has also emerged. The small brands in the wooden door industry are full of overcapacity and product homogenization. The phenomenon has intensified the competition in the market, the quality is poor, the products are not environmentally friendly, and the after-sales service cannot keep up with the biggest problem in the development of the wooden door industry. Nearly one percent of wood door formaldehyde emission is unqualified Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau announced the quality analysis report of wooden door product supervision and random inspection (risk monitoring) in 2014. This supervision spot check a total of 48 batches, 4 batches failed, no The pass rate is 8 and the reasons for the non-conformity are all that the formaldehyde emission does not meet the requirements of the standard. According to the standard requirements, the formaldehyde emission of wooden doors should be 1.5mg/L. This time, the highest level of formaldehyde emission was 3.5mg/L, which was close to 2.5 times of the standard value. According to the analysis, the reasons for the unqualified amount of formaldehyde emission are mainly due to the small scale, lack of raw material inspection, simple production process, weak sense of quality and environmental protection, and backward management methods. The quality of the products produced is poor; some manufacturers are pursuing the most profit. The use of relatively inferior raw materials, such as wood-based panels, adhesives, etc., the raw material's own formaldehyde emission is unqualified, resulting in unqualified release of woody formaldehyde in the market. In order to pursue huge profits, some wooden door enterprises use inferior wood-based panels and adhesives to produce products. Quality and after-sales are still obstacles to development in online forums such as online forums, Weibo or Tmall. There are still many complaints about quality problems and after-sales problems. On Weibo, the netizen presented a complaint to Jinfeng Mumen's manual and the material delivered to the product was wrong; Netizen 0 cat eyes see the world 0 complaint 3D wooden door is of poor quality, installation half a month will have problems; netizen wood a little complaint day The quality of the upper wooden door is serious, and it cannot be installed or cracked after installation. In addition to quality problems, poor after-sales service is also a common problem in the wood door industry. On Weibo, brands such as Nature Wooden Door, 3D Wooden Door, Yuejie Wooden Door, Fantini Wooden Door, Oupai Wooden Door and Rishang Wooden Door have been spit out. Most of them are measuring installation date delay, wrong size, after-sales push, The service can't keep up with the problem. In the wooden door classification area of ​​Tmall building materials, the bad reviews about wooden doors are also concentrated on the installation date lag and poor after-sales service. The industry believes that the threshold of the wooden door industry is low, in order to save costs, some manufacturers use counterfeit and shoddy plates, which cannot be guaranteed in quality. Due to the increase in labor costs and raw material prices in the past two years, the overall pressure on the wooden door industry has increased, and some manufacturers have not strict quality control, resulting in a series of quality problems. The small brand of the door market visited several building materials markets in Beijing and found that there are many wooden door brands in the market. In a building materials market outside the West Fourth Ring Road, reporters saw no less than 20 wooden door brands in the wooden door area, and it is common to sell 2-3 brand wooden doors in one exhibition hall. According to statistics, in 2013, the number of wooden door enterprises nationwide reached tens of thousands. However, with the increase in the prices of production materials and the homogenization of products, the development of wooden doors enterprises has encountered bottlenecks. According to industry insiders, the situation of OEM production is not uncommon in the wood door industry. In the Beijing market, many home improvement companies have their own brand of cabinets and wooden doors. Some home improvement companies are self-built cabinets and wooden door factories, while some home improvement companies let manufacturers process products and affix the company's brand for sales. It is not a secret in the industry. In the service model, the wooden door industry has also been stagnating. At present, most companies still adopt the mode of booking payment first, and installing it after 20-45 days. From pre-sales, sales to after-sales, consumers can only rely on the promotion of the wooden door brand to decide whether to buy the product, and can not experience the product quality and installation after-sales service. According to industry analysts, the doorstep of the wooden door industry is low and easy to enter, resulting in small brands in the market and poor concentration of big brands. The brand is disorderly, the product homogeneity is serious, and the after-sales service makes the industry lag behind.

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